Why Should You Run A Trial?

The Cavalier Agrow agPROVE trial program is the largest and most consistent trial program in Western Canada. Utilizing field scale, 40 acre trials and calibrated weigh wagons each fall allows for improved reliability of results. With over 830 trials ran since the program’s inception in 2007, we have tested a huge variety of products to help our growers make their best decisions.

Each spring we launch three “Focus Products”, products that will be tested more extensively among all four of our trading areas. This year we are excited to announce that our focus products are:

  • Action 5% – a calcium based seed-applied nutrition product that also includes plant hormones;
  • NRG-CaB – a custom designed foliar nutrition product consisting of nitrogen, calcium, and boron which will be applied from the 3-5 leaf stage with herbicide in canola; and
  • Nexicor vs. Trivapro – Two new flag-leaf fungicides for wheat. Each boasts three modes-of-action for improved resistance management.

Have you ever had someone trying to sell you something open their sales pitch with “it doesn’t actually work”? Neither have we. That’s why we run trials. Each focus product will be tested in 3-4 different 40ac trials at each of our locations for a representative data set of 12-16 trials. With this extensive data set we can draw relevant conclusions on whether the product met/exceeded the expectations set out by the manufacturer, or whether the product isn’t a fit in your area.

In addition to the focus products, we will also be trialing other new products in more limited quantities. These trials range from other nutrition products to products for the control of aphanomyces to products which will improve phosphorous uptake from the soil. There’s something for everyone!

While this all sounds pretty exciting, other reasons for you to run a trial are numerous:

  • Determine firsthand what works for you, on your farm.
  • Relevant, local data – data with real results in your geographical area, not Manitoba or even other parts of Saskatchewan.
  • Extra agronomic advice – most of our trials require additional measurements throughout the growing season which guarantees that we will be in your field. We will provide you with a detailed scouting report and if something needs attention you will be promptly informed.
  • The opportunity to test products not yet commercially available – sometimes the best product for your farm isn’t yet on the market, but trial product is. Better solutions for the specific needs of your field.
  • Be the envy of your neighbours – if you like, Cavalier will come and sign your field, making it even more noticeable to those who drive past it. Everyone will be talking at coffee row about YOUR awesome looking canola.
  • You get an invitation to the hottest harvest party of the year – running a trial scores you an invite for our annual King of Canola and Prince of Peas party. Not only could you win the coveted title and prize, but you’ll attend our fun year-end celebration.
  • Free product – Some of these trial products cost $30/ac. You’re getting 40 acres free. That’s a free trip to Mexico right there. Why not run a second trial so your spouse can join you too?

Now that you realize why participating in the Cavalier Agrow agPROVE program is the only way  to go, contact your local Cavalier Agrow Business Agronomist to sign up for trials that interest you. We encourage you to sign up by March 31st.


Written by Danielle Barrett