Selling Science

At Cavalier Agrow, we sell science. This can mean many different things to different people, but from our perspective, it means finding you sound information that will allow you to grow more bushels in your field. We do this a number of ways. In this article, I am going to explain to growers what I do to sell based on science. To be able to sell science, you have to have a staff that understands science. How I do this is by reading material, taking courses, being involved in professional organizations which require professional development activities and attending various meetings. As the lead agronomist with our company in Meadow Lake, it is important that I encourage staff to attend various training functions and take time to learn what is going on in the science community around us. This involves many hours of work which is supported by our employer. Getting information is not the end of this job. Time needs to be spent looking at how the information and technology can be applied in our area. Information that was developed to help grow rice in India is not likely to be of much use in Meadow Lake. Trying to focus on information and technology that we can bring into this area is key for our growers to grow more bushels. As your retailer, we try to sort through the information that we receive. Through our experience and training, we evaluate how this information or technology could apply in our customer’s fields. Science is the language of this evaluation. Sometimes the information can be applied in our area easily. We see this with herbicides that kill specific weeds in specific crops. As an agronomist, I will look at the data developed for each herbicide that is registered and make a decision as to whether it will fit in your field. Cost, residue, performance and many other factors from the world of science come into this process. Again, we need to find ways to grow more bushels in your fields and science allows us to move products to your fields. When we have new technologies that look like they might fit in our area but we are not sure, we take the time to test them in your fields. New technology can improve yields but the performance of various agriculture products will change depending on the area it is used. Using side by side comparisons (our AgProve Program) and taking them to harvest by using our weigh wagon, we develop information for our area. Science is critical for us to develop this local information. Science is a way to look at and evaluate new things in the farming community. By using science, the likelihood of the information or technology working on your farm increases. At Cavalier Agrow, we sell on the basis of science. We have to get results so we can help you grow more bushels in your fields.
By Dave Cubbon, P Ag