Seed Treaters

Seed treaters are going to become more important on the farm as we head into the future. Getting the seed out of the ground in as healthy a state as possible is essential to maintaining high yields. If we are going to be using treatments on the seed, it is essential that they are applied evenly to all seeds. Using the right technologies applied properly to the seed is going to be essential. The fusarium outbreak that is happening on cereal seeds is a great example of why seed treatments must be applied properly. Control of fusarium on the seed happens when all the seed is covered with the recommended rate of seed treatment. That means proper application and mixing must happen to ensure that the product does the job that it is supposed to do. The use of seed applied fertilizers (primers), phosphate enhancers like Jumpstart and bacteria for peas that promote nodule formation are all essential to improving yields to the crops that we apply them to. The technology to apply this properly must be used to ensure that all the seeds are covered with the appropriate product. Seed treating technology has changed. It used to be that a powder was thrown in the seed box and mixed in by hand. This technology is not used anymore. Coverage was poor using this system. Also, toxicity issues with handling product in this fashion have limited the use of this technology. The next level of treatment that has been used on the farm is a drip system that was attached to an auger. This system was an improvement compared to the dust treatments that were used in the past. The coverage of this system was still not complete. It was an improvement but not the best solution. Many growers are still using this system. New seed treaters like the Graham G3 seed treater have improved treating technology. The key change was that all the seed was passed through the seed treater will have contact with seed treatment. This also means that the amount of seed treatment applied to individual seeds is put on at the right amount. Calibration of the seed treater is easier and therefore should be more accurate. When this technology is used in conjunction with the new liquid formulations of the seed treatment products, the control of disease or the application of fertilizers should be done with better results. As with all the technologies used on the farms today, the tools have allowed for a better control level of the issues that we are dealing with. Using the right tool to get the job done will allow all of us to grow more bushels.