New Products for 2017

As we head closer to the start of a new growing season, many growers, advisors, retailers and manufacturers are planning their 2017 season. As growers go over their cropping intentions, budgets, and targets, there will be several new options available to them to utilize to help them reach their goals and make their life a bit easier.

Most manufacturers and representatives have been busy marketing their new products to growers and retailers everywhere through the winter, some of which will have a fit on your farm. Below is a roundup of some of the new products and options available to growers this year from our various manufacturers.


Cotegra is a new multi-mode of action sclerotinia fungicide for canola that combines two industry leading active ingredients to manage sclerotinia stem rot. Cotegra is a liquid formulation of the active ingredients boscalid and prothioconazole which are the active ingredients found Lance and Proline (Bayer). BASF internal trial results look promising for the new fungicide, as it shows an increase in control and yield when compared to untreated check and competitor products.

Nexicor will be a new leaf disease fungicide for cereals with limited availability for the 2017 growing season. Combining 3 modes of action, Nexicor will be an excellent resistance management tool with increased performance compared to Twinline. Nexicor contains the active ingredients found in Headline (pyraclostrobin), Priaxor (xemium) and Propiconazole (Tilt) to keep that flag leaf clean so it can maximize its photosynthetic capability.


Luxxur herbicide is a new wild oat control option for wheat growers that want added perrenial weed control. Luxxur contains the Group 2 chemistry active ingredients thiencarbazone and tribenuron found in Varro and Express, respectively. With the excellent wild oat control with Varro, the tribenuron adds increased performance on narrow leaved hawksbeard and dandelion. This would be a good fit for growers that use Infinity or Infinity FX that have a high perrenail weed pressure, or a good tank mix partner for fluroxpyr based herbicides such as OcTain XL or Enforcer M.

Dow AgroSciences

Cirpreme is an option for wheat and barley growers that have tough to control perennial and broadleaf weeds. Cirpreme contains the active ingredients found in Paradigm, combined with the thistle control of clopyralid (Lontrel) to combat all those tough to kill weeds. Paired with Simplicity, this would be a good fit for fields that you need to control volunteer alfalfa or flax, Canada thistle, corn spurry, or scentless chamomile.

Rexade is an all-in-one box combination product now available for spring, winter and durum wheat. Rexade contains the active ingredient found in Simplicity paired with the group 4 Arylex active ingredient and 2,4D. Coming in 40 acre cases, Rexade will provide the grower with a convenient solution in one box for excellent broadleaf and grass control using multiple mode of actions.


Sortan IS will be a pre-emergent to post emergent group 2 herbicide for Roundup Ready corn. Tank mixed with glyphosate, it can be applied up to the 6 leaf stage and will offer residual control for 6-14 days (depending on organic matter and pH). Sortan IS (pending registration) will be a good fit for those corn acres where volunteer canola (glyphosate tolerant), wild buckwheat, and green foxtail need to be controlled during that critical weed free period.


Command contains the unique active ingredient Clomazone, found in the group 13 mode of action. An alternative to use of quinclorac, Command is a pre-seed additive for residual control of cleavers. Tank mixed with glyphosate prior to seeding canola, Command provides 30 day residual control of cleavers to lower the pressure on your in-crop herbicides. A good fit for fields where cleavers are the main driver weed, Command will reduce populations and allow for the in-crop herbicide to control smaller and easier to control cleavers. Command has no marketing issues and would be a good fit for fields being seeded into Invigor or Clearfield canola where cleavers are the weed of concern.


Trivapro is Syngenta’s newest fungicide for cereal leaf disease control in Western Canada.  Combining the active ingredients found in Quilt plus their group 7 active Solatenol, Trivapro will protect that flag leaf longer with residual activity for 15-20 days. It will be registered for application in wheat, barley, and oats.

Talinor (pending registration) will be a new herbicide option for wheat and barley growers. Containing the active ingredients bromoxynil (group 6) and bicyclopyrone (Gorup 27) it will be good tank mix option to add multiple of actions and help reduce the risk of developing resistance.


For more information regarding these new products, contact a business agronomist at one of our Cavalier Agrow locations.


Written by: Derek Welford