Managing for high yield potential with MANIPULATOR


For years producers in Western Canada have had to walk the line between cereal yields that are increased by added nitrogen only to be lost due to lodged crops. Lodging leads to uneven maturation, reduced photosynthesis, a loss of grain quality and difficulty harvesting. The soil structure and integrity is also compromised as multiple passes with heavy harrows and making piles with the seeding implement are common issues due to heavy cereal straw.  There is now a solution to these problems!

Manipulator is a plant growth regulator newly registered for use in spring wheat. This growth regulator inhibits stem elongation, reducing the overall height of the plant. In three years of trialing through Cavalier Agrow’s agPROVE trial program, Manipulator has proven to increase yield (10% on average), and reduce straw length (15% on average).

In 2012 Darin Schaefer at Meota participated in our agPROVE program and trialed Manipulator on hard red spring wheat. The result was a 13% bump in yield to over 65 bu/ac. Other Cavalier Agrow producers have tested Manipulator over the past three years and found similar results, regardless of location.

Manipulator is best applied at the start of stem-elongation which corresponds to roughly the 5 to 6 leaf stage. This is the ideal point for reducing plant height and therefore the most consistent decrease in lodging would occur. Manipulator has just been granted registration by the PMRA.

In order to secure product for the 2015 season growers need to place their orders with their nearest Cavalier Agrow location by October 8th.

manipulator pdf

Untreated Check vs. Treated                                                                                                                                           Rodney Zuchotski of Meadow Lake – Manipulator Trial 2013


Untreated Check


  • More lodging
  • Improved standability
  • More disease
  • Improved quality and yield
  • Increased harvest difficulty
  • Better harvest efficiency
  • More straw management required
  • Shorter stem, more seed

That Manipulator trial that I have, I want that stuff for next year! My crop is lodging everywhere where I didn’t spray that. You can see where I loaded up the booms on the headlands. The crop is lodged everywhere I didn’t go! You can also see where I ran out of product at the end of the field. I need something that makes my crop stand like this stuff!”

  -Rodney Zuchotzki, Meadow Lake grower who has trialed Manipulator

Check out the yields on the pdf below:

**Manipulator 2013 Trial Results**