Happy Holidays

Each year at this time, I reflect on how fortunate we are to be living in the part of the world that we do. We have a level of security and safety in our lives that can be matched in very few areas of the world. As I watch my family grow, I have to believe that we all have been blessed to be in the country that we live in. That being said, there is hardship around us. Having sick family and friends is something that we must all deal with in our lives. This is an especially trying time to be dealing with health issues. It is important that we take the time to support the people around us and make sure that their holiday season is a time to be remembered for the positive things that we will get to do. Taking time to visit people that are shut-in is very important this time of year. The commercialization of Christmas puts expectations into people’s minds. Part of these expectations relate to the opportunity to see people that care. For people that cannot get out, taking time to visit them is important and should be on all our lists as a to-do activity. Take some time to visit the people that are important in your life. Many people take time throughout the year to do things that help make our lives better. People have events that have happened that took a special effort by someone in our lives. Acknowledging these people anytime of the year is important, but hopefully, with a little extra time around the holiday season, we can put this activity on our list as a must-do item. We all have people in our lives that have done special things for us. Be thankful and acknowledge them. As I drive around Meadow Lake, it appears that the holiday season is in full swing. There are beautiful lights on the houses in the city and there seems to be more every year. I enjoy the opportunity every year to see the work in the community to make the season a little brighter. Take time to look at the light displays throughout Meadow Lake. The extra effort that goes into this holiday activity is a highlight for me. Finally, do what you can for the families in need this Christmas season. In general our community is healthy and Christmas is a fun and joyous celebration. There are, however families in this community that are not so fortunate. Find a way in the holiday season to help these families in need. Even the smallest donation of time or money can make the world of difference for those in need. Merry Christmas to all and the best in the holiday season. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy some time outside with family and friends. Most of all enjoy the season and recognize how fortunate we are to live in a prosperous community like Meadow Lake.


By Dave Cubbon, P Ag