Why Choose Cavalier Agrow?

My name is Duane Horvey and I am a business agronomist for Cavalier Agrow in Meadow Lake. I attended the University of Saskatchewan and received a Degree in Crop Science and a Diploma in Animal Science.

What initially drew me to Cavalier Agrow was that they had become part of a brand new organization called Grow. I had previously worked with Grow dealers and knew that they are part of an exclusive group that is on the cutting edge of agriculture technology and farming practices.

I began my career with Cavalier Agrow in 2011, working out of the Meota location for my first year, where I had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of liquid fertilizer and become confident in products through Cavalier Agrow’s agPROVE (trial) program. I had the benefit of passionate mentors to teach me about the advantages of farmer run field scale trials.  I will always remember the fun I had in Meota; working at Cavalier Agrow doesn’t feel like work most days.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to transfer to the Meadow Lake location, a beautiful community with diverse farming landscape and people. In Meadow Lake, I had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of dry fertilizer, and how it can complement liquid fertilizer.  I now appreciate the value of soil testing, and having the opportunity to use all the tools to solve different deficiencies.  Through Cavalier Agrow and Grow there are great learning opportunities to improve as an agronomist as well as a person.

When I first started my career; building knowledge, working with passionate, fun and interesting professionals were my reasons for choosing Cavalier Agrow. I can now say that after working for several years at two locations, the people, employees and farmers, are the main reasons why I chose Cavalier Agrow.  The friends and relationships formed at Cavalier Agrow are long lasting and I can’t imagine working anywhere else!

I am glad that when I applied here several years ago, Cavalier Agrow chose me.

To learn more about working for Cavalier Agrow, call 306-892-2476.

Field Scout Apprenticeship Program

What is FSAP?

At Cavalier Agrow, we have created the Field Scout Apprenticeship Program (FSAP) for our Agronomy Apprentices. The program was developed to help our Summer Agronomy Apprentices gain competency with field scouting. Our training program allows our Agronomy Apprentices to do everything from scouting a producer’s field to making agronomic recommendations direct to the producer, all with the supervision of an experienced business agronomist.

How does it work?

On one of the first days of employment, Agronomy Apprentices are given 4 fields each as their FSAP fields. They will be responsible for closely monitoring these fields and making recommendations directly to the grower client. They will begin by assessing soil texture and stored soil moisture, soil temperature, and weed population and density. They will then make a recommendation for a pre-seed herbicide and follow-up to ensure chemical effectiveness.

Following seeding, Agronomy Apprentices will assess germination rate and plant population, scout the field for weeds, disease, and insects and make recommendations where appropriate.

Agronomy Apprentices will spend a considerable amount of time in their FSAP fields to increase their field scouting skills and knowledge, at which point they will be able to confidently scout other fields, reporting back to the Business Agronomists and to the producer.

Why become an Agronomy Apprentice with Cavalier Agrow?

Crop Scouting Experience

You will have the opportunity to participate in our Field Scouting Apprenticeship Program. FSAP is a program that was developed to help our Summer Agronomy Apprentices gain competency with field scouting for producers. It empowers our Agronomy Apprentices to do everything from scouting a producer’s field, to making agronomic recommendations, based on that scouting, direct to the producer. This is done with supervision of experienced agronomy staff.

Networking with Industry

Cavalier Agrow believes in the importance of being an active participant in the agriculture industry. As such we encourage our staff to attend industry events. During the summer you will have the opportunity to attend industry events hosted by manufacturers, government organizations, and other retails. This gives you the opportunity to network with people in all different areas of the agricultural industry.

Learn About Products from ALL Manufacturers

One thing we hear from our Agronomy Apprentices each summer is that they appreciate being able to learn about products from various manufacturers. Cavalier Agrow carries products from all of the leading manufacturers so in the course of the summer you will gain experience with more than just one product line.

Research Experience

Our Summer Agronomy Apprentices are actively involved with the management of our agPROVE trials. We study herbicides, fungicides, inoculants, new seed genetics, and agronomic practices so that we can offer our producers the best possible agronomic options.

Gain Experience that is Recognized Industry Wide

It is our hope that our Agronomy Apprentices continue to come back annually and join us full time upon graduation. We have an excellent track record in this regard as many of our full-time staff start out as Agronomy Apprentices. While the majority of our new graduates have chosen to stay on with Cavalier Agrow, the valuable hands-on experience that they have acquired through the program will make them employable by a variety of other companies within the agriculture field. We take pride in seeing our Agronomy Apprentices being an active part of the industry wherever their paths may take them.