Posts By: Mike Klassen

Diseases in Peas

The pea crop looks good and the price is right. We have the potential to have a profitable year in peas. Disease of peas can erode that profit. There are two diseases that are common in this area. Aschochyta leaf and pod spot as well as mycophaerella blight and foot rot can cause major crop... read more

Weed Control Failure

Weeds in a crop cost dollars. Applying control methods takes time and also cost money. It is critical that we try and eliminate any potential weed problems in our fields to ensure top production. Here are some of the reasons that I have seen over the years for failed weed control. A healthy crop is... read more

When To Control Weeds

Controlling weeds in crop is essential to obtain maximum yields. Taking the weeds out of the crop early is the way to attain the maximum benefit. A producer that controls his weeds early reduces competition from the weeds. There is better weed control when weeds are younger with most herbicides, so the herbicide should be... read more

Grasshoppers are coming!

Saskatchewan Agriculture has published a grasshopper survey for the province and in 2012, the Meadow Lake area looks like it could be having an issue with this insect pest. Severe levels of this pest (greater than 24 per square meter) are likely. The first thing that any farmer or rancher needs to know is how... read more

Seed Treatments

Each year, we have the question come up as to whether producers should be using seed treatments on the crop that they are planting. The simple answer is yes but the real answer is more complex. The place to start the discussion is to look at what is happens after you plant your crop. When... read more

Pruning Trees

Every year, trees need to be pruned. The years that are missed make it more difficult to clean up the trees as years go by. Pruning is required because trees will put up excess growth, grow the wrong way or have dead branches that show up from excess growth or damage. The time to prune... read more

Expensive Fertilizer

The marketplace is demanding more for fertilizer. The demand may be creating shortages for producers. These factors are causing price increases, especially with nitrogen. With increased prices and shortages of product, it is critical to have a plan in place as to how to use your fertilizer dollar. The first place that every grower should... read more

Northwest Saskatchewan Award Winners

Two long term residents of North Battleford, Doug Fehr, P Ag and Paul McCallister, P Ag, were recognized by their professional organization, the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (SIA) at their annual meeting in Yorkton at the end of March. These two individuals are well known to the grain farmers in this area of the province.... read more

Cattle Technology

At our Saskatchewan Institute Annual Meeting in Yorkton, I had the opportunity to listen to Leigh Marquess from Quantum Genetics, in Saskatoon. He was presenting a talk on what his company has developed as a genetic tool for the cattle industry. It looks like they have found a gene that will have a major impact... read more

Precision Farming, What I’ve Heard

In my travels this winter, I had the opportunity to listen to a number of presentations on precision farming. This topic seems to be the hot one for the season. Here’s what I think about what I’ve heard so far. Precision farming is a tool that will be used by top end growers. The potential... read more