Posts By: Mike Klassen

Fall Spraying of Weeds

Most producers are done there in-crop pre-harvest spraying. Since then we have had rain. Rains will be starting some new growth in the fields that needs to be looked at. Winter annuals can be a moisture and fertility robber in the fall and spring. In the spring, these weeds are sometimes difficult to control because... read more

Soil Nitrogen Losses

Fall application of fertilizer can reduce the workload in the spring. Reducing the workload in the spring allows earlier seeding and better yields. The problem with applying fertilizer in the fall is that some of the nitrogen will be lost by the time the plants get to use it in the next growing season. These... read more

Swathing Canola

Every year there are tough decisions that need to be made when swathing canola. Swathing too early will cause yield loss. The yield loss will vary depending on the conditions at the time of swathing. In hot, dry conditions with the canola being too green, I have observed 50% yield loss. Under normal fall conditions,... read more

Bugs in Canola

The weather has been hot and with the heat, comes the potential for insect problems in our canola fields. I have found bertha armyworms, lygus bugs and diamond back larvae in the fields of the area. If levels get high enough, acres will need to be sprayed to protect yield. The first step to determine... read more

Harvest Considerations

We are getting close to harvest and there are some things that all growers need to consider when looking at how to get the most bushels off in the shape that they want. Yield is part of the income picture and we have an excellent crop coming. Quality is the other part of income and... read more

What to Watch For

We are on the downhill side of crop production this season and the list of things that you can do something about in your fields in getting shorter. Going to the lake may be an option, but the fields must be looked at to ensure that we hit the yield potential that is out there.... read more

Bugs in Canola

We are about two weeks away from looking at bugs in canola. There are three bugs that need to watched. They are diamond back moths, bertha army worms, and lygus bugs. All these bugs have potential to cause yield loss and need to be monitored so that the timing of control is what it needs... read more

The Disease Triangle

With the weather we have been having in our area, plant disease is a major concern for all producers. We have a high risk of aschocyta developing in peas. Sclerotinia stem rot is a disease that can devastate canola. Leaf disease can be a major factor when looking a cereal production. With all these diseases,... read more

Growing High Protein Wheat

Growing wheat that has higher protein levels can help improve the profits on your farm. Premiums for high protein hard red spring wheat have been paid for many years. There are practices that producers can implement to increase the odds of getting high protein wheat. Some of the activities can be controlled by the producer... read more

Sclerotinia Stem Rot in Canola

Every year, the presence of sclerotinia stem rot is a possibility. In the past, I have seen losses of yield in canola crops over the 50% mark. This can represent over a 30 bushel per acre loss potential. With the price of canola, this loss potential makes it important that canola growers understand what triggers... read more