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2012 – What Happened?

Living in Meadow Lake brings surprises every year. In agriculture, we ride the rollercoaster of weather and we see where we land. This year was no different. We had wet, we had dry, we had cold and we had hot. Some of the weather was good news and some of it was bad. Here are... read more

Drying Grain With Aeration

There has been a lot of discussion over the years about how to use aeration fans to get grain into condition over the years. I had the opportunity to listen to two speakers last week at the Agronomy Update at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Ron Palmer retired from the University of Regina and Dr.... read more

Seed Testing

It looks like there could be problems with seed grown in northwest Saskatchewan again this year. Sherrilyn Phelps, Regional Crops Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, indicated that she was seeing some problems in the northwest region of Saskatchewan with germination of seed this year. With the weather that we saw at harvest time, it is not... read more

Growing Wheat In 2013

Things have changed in the wheat industry. Looking at last year’s varieties of spring wheat available to growers, there are over 50 possible selections that are available in Saskatchewan. I don’t see this number going down so it becomes important to understand what your choices are for wheat varieties and find the one that has... read more

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is something that is essential to maximize yield on farmland in western Canada. Proper crop rotation will maximize yield in the long term. There are excellent studies that talk about these issues that have been published by various institutions on the prairies. This concept needs to be in the back of all producer’s... read more

So What Does the Snow Mean?

The snow has come. It is likely here for the winter. Having the snow around means there is going to be water around when it gets warm. That could be in mid-November or it could be late April. Whenever the melt occurs, now is probably the time to get ready for it. Before the snow... read more

Certified Seed – A Blue Tag

Every year, producers are making commitments earlier on their seed required for the next year. Decisions as to what seed to keep off the farm are being made earlier because producers have to make spraying decisions in August which will affect germination. If a producer is looking for a new variety, decisions have to be... read more

Planning for 2013

Planning is something that we all talk about but don’t always sit down and do. It used to be in agriculture that planning was not all that critical if we did things as we have done them before. The business is changing. Planning is essential to reduce costs and have the products that we require... read more

Moisture is an Issue

Moisture was an issue in many fields this year in the area. There are fields that were too wet at seeding time and caused yield reductions. There were fields that were too dry at seeding time and were seeded too deep and reduced yield. There were fields that had excess rain in big summer storms... read more

Canola Storage

Some canola has been harvested and is already in the bin. When canola is put in a bin, there are risks. Even when the canola is at the moisture level of 10% (the moisture that is where canola is bought dry), there is potential for problems. Understanding the potential problems will help avoid storage issues... read more