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Germination and Soil Temperature

Every year, producers ask me when they should start seeding.  There are a number of different answers to this question but the answer that is most appropriate is the one from the plant’s perspective.  Germination is a process that requires specific conditions.  Having the right conditions in a field is essential for germination to happen.... read more

What’s in the Soil Survey

Every year, we head out on the land and try to put a crop in the ground. The soil is what allows that to happen. It is something that we all need to understand. The Saskatchewan Soil Survey is a tool that all growers should be looking at to help them understand what potential is... read more

Checking Bins in the Spring

Checking Bins in the Spring Every year, at this time, we loose grain that is in bins to heating and bugs. There are some very good reasons for this and they need to be understood. The easiest solution is to check your bins. Better yet, move a little grain out of each bin that is... read more

Seed Germination

The snow is still on the ground but spring is coming. When spring comes, it is important to understand what soil temperatures are doing. Knowing what to look for when you walk into a field is critical to make sure the spraying and seeding operations that need to be done in the spring occur In... read more

Seeding Dates

Seeding early is important. A study done in Lethbridge on irrigation indicates that with all crops, there was a response to early seeding. Lethbridge is not Meadow Lake but the yeild numbers still apply here. With hard red spring wheat, the yield reduction was 0.9% per day for each day seeded after May 1. With... read more

Seed Treaters

Seed treaters are going to become more important on the farm as we head into the future. Getting the seed out of the ground in as healthy a state as possible is essential to maintaining high yields. If we are going to be using treatments on the seed, it is essential that they are applied... read more

Simple Tools For Precision Farming

In January, I had the opportunity to listen to Les Henry, a retired soil professor from the University of Saskatchewan, talk about his thoughts on precision farming. In this article, I take some of his comments and some of my thoughts and try and put it into perspective for our area. Most of what we... read more

The Right Way to Fertilize

Fertilizer can be the most expensive part of the expenses on a farm. We have producers that will be spending up to $100 per acre on fertilizer trying to grow a crop. These dollars need to be spent if a producer is trying to attain high yields. If that kind of dollar is going to... read more

Food Safety

Last Monday evening, I had the chance to listen to Erin Hiebert, with the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre. She gave a presentation on food safety. Food safety is a concern to all of us. We have seen major changes in our food supply with globalization. We can see fruits and vegetables from around the... read more

Dakota Lakes Research Farm

Last week, I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Dwayne Beck, manager of the Dakota Lakes Research Farm. He runs a research facility in South Dakota that looks at maintaining and improving soil health in the prairie landscape. He uses a combination of machinery and agricultural management practices that attempt to mimic Mother Nature.... read more