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ReLeaf Pulse vs. Untreated

ReLeaf Pulse was tank mixed with Odyssey DLX at the 4 node stage.  The picture shows the ReLeaf Pulse plant (Left) has an average of 6 pods per plant whereas the untreated plant (Right) only has an average of 4 pods per plant.  The ReLeaf Pulse plant is also taller than the untreated plant.

Quilt vs. Untreated

This picture shows wheat stubble in the spring.  During the previous cropping year Quilt was applied at flag leaf and an untreated check strip was left.  The Quilt treated stubble (Right) is bright and has minimal disease whereas the untreated stubble (Left) is dark and has substantial disease.

Twinline & Caramba vs. Untreated on Wheat

Twinline was applied at flag leaf and Caramba was applied at heading.  The picture shows the treated plant on the right and the untreated plant on the left.  The untreated plant has substantial leaf rust, whereas the treated plant has minimal disease.  This resulted in a 50 bu/ac increase in yield.

JumpStart vs. Untreated on Wheat

JumpStart was applied before seeding along with the seed treatment.  The picture shows that the JumpStart treated wheat (Left) is a leaf stage ahead of the untreated (Right) and as well has greater root mass.

Corn Comparison

Comparison of varieties of corn cobs in 2012.

Meadow Lake

A summer student in Meadow Lake got creative with a weed whacker for some free advertising along the highway!

Springtime Farm Safety

We are headed into a busy spring.  When we get going hard, the potential for accidents increase.  Being tired and busy is a dangerous combination that requires special attention by all involved.  Being constantly aware of potential dangers will help everyone around the farm have a safe spring.  In this article, I am going to list some of the... read more

I’m Looking for Weeds

The spring looks it’s finally here.  With the late spring, everyone will be excited about getting into their fields as quickly as possible.  What producers need to watch for this year is to make sure that a total package is taken to the field.  The major concern that I have is that producers will forget... read more

The 4 R’s Of Fertilizer

With the high cost of fertilizer and the environmental issues that can arise from misuse of this product, all producers need to be aware of how to use fertilizer effectively and efficiently.  We have technology that is available to help us do a better job.  We have to use this technology  and effectively.  Food has to be a... read more