Cavalier Agrow’s agPROVE™ program is a research program that is unrivalled in scope by any retail organization in Western Canada, and is well respected within the industry. Between our four locations Cavalier Agrow conducts over 150 field scale trials annually. We study cutting edge herbicides, fungicides, inoculants, new seed genetics, and agronomic practices so that we can offer our producers the best possible agronomic advice based on data generated in our local environments. Our Summer Agronomy Apprentices are actively involved with the management of our trials.

agPROVE Forum

The agPROVE Forum is an annual conference for Cavalier Agrow clients interested in learning about the latest in crop production and current agricultural issues. This event is a great opportunity to improve agronomy and marketing skills, as well as a great start to the new growing season!

Windfield United Canada Total Acre™

USC Total Acre™ is USC’s field trial initiative. Today farmers have access to more information than they’ve ever had before, but they still rely on local independent retails to help them understand how different products perform under local conditions. In order to help farmers continue to push the limits, we need to work with them to validate the products and technologies that will help them achieve their production and profitability goals under local field conditions.

The foundation for USC Total Acre is the “USC Total Acre Standard”- a protocol that sets a standard for all field trials within the Community. The USC Total Acre Standard was developed by a group of advisors within the Community and its purpose is to provide a comprehensive standard to which all field trials are held. Minimum requirements and best practices ensure that all data generated by any United Suppliers Canada retail is recognized by farmers and industry partners as being of the highest quality. This will result from the consistency in trial setup, execution, and data collection.

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