About Cavalier Agrow

Our History

After the closure of the Richardson Pioneer elevator at Cavalier SK in 1999, Martin & Monique decided to stay in the area and opened an Independent Agriculture Retail business across the road from where the vacant elevator was situated. Cavalier Agrow was started in March 1999 offering seed, chemical, inoculants and agronomic guidance adding a liquid fertilizer plant in 2000.  In 2003, they rented a portion of a building and branched out into the town of Medstead, building a liquid fertilizer plant in 2005.  With business well on its way, land was purchased on the outskirts of Medstead and a chemical shed and office were built in 2010.

They saw an opportunity in Meadow Lake with the closure of the JRI facility.  The JRI facility was purchased by Cavalier Agrow in 2006 and reopened its doors to the relief of many rural farmers.  In 2011, with elevators still closing, Cavalier Agrow then branched out into the Spiritwood area, building a brand new facility just north of town.  The majority of our locations offer dry and liquid fertilizer, chemical, seed, inoculants and full services including field equipment rental, fertilizer delivery, dry fertilizer floating, custom spraying and agronomic advice.

2012-2013 saw the building of a brand new office/shop facility at Cavalier SK, putting the small town (now basically non-existent) back on the map.

The 20,000 sq ft building houses a two story office, complete with a large conference room, a smaller board room,  full size kitchen and gym; a parts and equipment store; a fully equipped shop; a heated shed; as well as cold storage shed.

Currently, Cavalier Agrow employs 30 fulltime staff, Martin being the President and Monique being the Director of Finance, both are still very involved in the everyday function of the business.  Another 10 agronomy apprentices (summer students) are added during the busy months of May to August giving an opportunity to university/college students to get a feel for the independent business in rural Saskatchewan.

Cavalier Agrow is proud that they have been able to continually expand their services and facilities to serve their communities while maintaining their core values and rules of business agronomy:

1)    Always recommend sound agronomy

2)    Provide value to the customer

3)    Long term success of Cavalier Agrow

4)    Never confuse the order of the first three rules

The entire staff at Cavalier Agrow are passionate about agriculture and Saskatchewan.  They are all very happy to live and work in rural Saskatchewan and are proud to support the communities in which they serve.

Our Core Values

  • We will always conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.
  • We will strive to be recognized as a trustworthy company in all that we do and demonstrate genuine concern for our customers.
  • We will treat all staff, business partners and clients with respect.
  • We will strive to be positive role models and mentors to our co-workers and help each other “make a difference.”
  • We will be governed by Cavalier Agrow 4 Rules in all recommendations to farm customers: Sound Agronomics, Value to the Customer, Long-term success of Cavalier Agrow, and Never Confuse the Order.
  • We believe the greatest asset we have is our relationships with our clients, our staff, and our business partners.
  • We will always be accountable for our actions and decisions.
  • We will continue to expand our knowledge.
  • We will strive to provide an environment that is safe at all times for staff and clients.
  • We will always be active members of our community.