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Save Time In The Spring – Fertilize In The Fall!October 27, 2014

5_reasons_to_fertilize_in_the_fallSurface fall applied fertilizer has been shown to remain in the soil and is available for plant uptake for all crop types. Nitrogen is a significant component of proteins which are essential for growth. Nitrogen must be in the root zone and available for uptake as crops enter into their rapid growth period.  Therefor nitrogen availability for plant use is essential for crop growth and yields. There are three main ways in which nitrogen may be lost from your soil; Ammonia Volatilization – Volatilization is the process in which a dissolved sample is vaporized. With regards to nitrogen, the loss...
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Managing for high yield potential with MANIPULATOROctober 1, 2014

Manipulator-Logo---COLOUR  For years producers in Western Canada have had to walk the line between cereal yields that are...
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iFARM – Taking Precision Agronomy to the Next LevelSeptember 28, 2014

Cavalier-iFarm-Logo  We are past the point that we wonder if fungicides work or not, we know they do....
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Storing Tough GrainsSeptember 22, 2014

grain_bin_fans_thinkstock_1Proper grain storage to prevent spoilage and grain losses is highly dependent on an effective grain storage system....
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