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Never Say Whoa in a Low SpotApril 2, 2015

large (1)Some sayings that started with common sense still stand the test of time. This still holds true in 2015 with canola production. We as growers have a limited ability to control input costs and have no control over what Mother Nature has to offer for this growing season. It is very easy to take a pessimistic view on the profitability of growing canola this crop year. In a year of uncertainty in grain markets what price range will canola be this fall, winter and next spring? There are lots of variables.... Acreage (the industry guess is around par to 2014),...
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Forages in the Canadian PrairiesMarch 25, 2015

2013-08-13 15.46.36In Canada, forages cover nearly half of our cultivated land, making forage production vital in Canadian agriculture. This...
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The Role of Biotechnology in Food ProductionMarch 23, 2015

iStock_000011813548Medium (1)One of the major concerns in agriculture today is how to meet the demands of a growing world...
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Meeting Your Crops’ Nutritional Requirements through Soil and Tissue TestingMarch 12, 2015

Melanie Pics (111)Have you ever had a wheat crop that had yellow, twisted leaves? Or a canola crop that was...
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