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True Loose Smut in Your WheatAugust 19, 2014

loosesmutwheatbTrue loose smut is a fungal disease that begins within the seed. It has little to no signs or symptoms until heading out occurs and can cause unsurmountable economic losses depending on the rate of infection. Grain grown with smut infected seed is considered empty grain for it will have no worth. True loose smut in wheat turns the heads into a black dusty spore mass. These spores can be released very easily because spores are covered by a delicate membrane which can be broke by wind, rain or anything brushing against it such as wildlife. The florets are completely...
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Swede MidgeAugust 11, 2014

SwedeMidge125309a1Swede Midge has been identified on a Meota area field, marking the first time it has been confirmed...
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2014 Showcase Plot Forum BookJuly 30, 2014

Canola-Cavalier  2014 Canola Showcase Forum Plot book This is the book that was handed out at the Meota...
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Sclerotinia Check ListJuly 4, 2014

Canola-CavalierFactors that increase the risk of sclerotinia development in a field: Sclerotinia present in area previous year Sclerotia...
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