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CutwormsApril 20, 2017

Cutworms With the 2017 growing season on the horizon, growers and agronomists are preparing to keep an eye out for pests in their crops. Cutworms have become a problem in our trading area in recent years. Good scouting and early control measures are key to preventing crop losses from these crop pests. Life Cycle Scouting It’s important to take note of areas that will be more likely to see cutworm pressure, and be vigilant about scouting in these areas. South facing slopes with lighter land are typically more inviting for cutworm moths to lay eggs on in late August-early September...
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Importance of Water Treatment ProductsMarch 31, 2017

Water quality is one component of spraying that gets over looked time and again. Careful consideration is given...
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Why Should You Run A Trial?March 27, 2017

The Cavalier Agrow agPROVE trial program is the largest and most consistent trial program in Western Canada. Utilizing...
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Alternative PulsesMarch 22, 2017

Lentils Lentils should be seeded into moisture, about ¾ inch deep. They should be seeded at a rate...
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