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Fall Control of WeedsSeptember 19, 2014

Canada-ThistleWeeds are always a pain no matter what time of the year it is. To help control weeds ahead of time, fall applications can save you time when the push to seed comes about in the spring. This in turn allows for your crops to get the upper hand on the weeds in the spring especially if it is too wet to get in the field before the seeder does seeing as we have very unpredictable weather like we did this year. Fall applications also work to control the winter annual weeds such as foxtail, bluegrass, groundsel and chickweed because...
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Post-Harvest Weed Control & FrostSeptember 9, 2014

post harvest weed controlOnce harvest is complete, it is still important to consider what is happening in the field. Perennial, biennial...
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When Should You Swath (Canola, Wheat, Peas, Barley)?August 25, 2014

swathing_canola2_600x387Canola Research shows that the optimum stage to swath canola is when you have up to 60% seed...
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True Loose Smut in Your WheatAugust 19, 2014

loosesmutwheatbTrue loose smut is a fungal disease that begins within the seed. It has little to no signs...
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